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Tastecard is a subscription-based service card that offers its members with two for-one discounts on dining at participating more than 6000 restaurants in the UK and Ireland. Tastecard also offers up to 33% off movie tickets, 50% off pizza delivery and up to 50% off tickets at attractions. To use it, you need to present the card at the participating partner restaurants/cinemas to get your discounts.

If you don’t use the card as much as you’d like the opportunities are your overpaying for a service you don’t really need. Think on how much you’ve saved by using it versus your membership cost. If you’re not saving more than the membership cost, consider cancelling your membership to save money.

Cancel Your Tastecard MemberShip:


cancel tastecard


Tastecard Login Requirements Online:

  • Visit the login page of the Tastecard by using the web address
  • Next add the login details
  • Click on ‘SIGN IN’ tab.


tastecard login


Recover Tastecard Login Information:

  • To recover the login details use the link
  • Next under the login boxes hit on ‘Forgot your password? button.
  • Enter the account email click on ‘reset password’ button.
  • If you do not have a password provide your first name, last name, email address, membership number, read the agreements and click on the options. Click on ‘register’ button.

Activate Tastecard:


tastecard activate rbs


  • Enter the required details and click on ‘register’ tab.
  • For Natwest provide the necessary information and follow the page instructions after this.

Cancel Tastecard by Phone Call:

  • If you would like to cancel your Tastecard membership via phone call you can do so by following the steps below:
  • Make sure you have your Tastecard membership cards and details in front of you as this will save time when you’re on the phone with the cancellation team
  • Call the Tastecard cancellation team on 0800 567 7241
  • Once you are through to a member of the team you need to inform the member of the cancellation team of the reason you would like to cancel your membership
  • They will need to confirm your identity and membership, give them your personal details and the details on your Tastecard membership card
  • After you have confirmed your identity your membership should be cancelled.

Cancel Tastecard via Mail:

  • If you prefer to cancel your membership via the post you can do so by writing down the full name that is started on your membership card as well as your membership number along with the reason as to why you would like to cancel your Tastecard membership and send it to:
  • Taste Marketing Limited, Birkby Grange, 85 Birkby Hall Road, Birkby, Huddersfield,HD2 2XB.

Cancel Tastecard via Email:

  • If for some reason, you couldn’t cancel using the online form method so you can cancel via email.
  • To cancel via email, you need to send an email to You need to provide the below information:
  • Full name on the membership, the membership number, the address used to sign up for the membership, the e-mail address used to set up the membership, the telephone number associated with the membership.
  • You will receive an automated notification to your email with a unique reference number confirming the receipt of your request.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Tastecard:

  • How Else Can You Cancel Tastecard?

You can cancel through the customer support services. You need to call the company or fill up the contact page.

  • What Are The Problems With Cancelling Your Tastecard Subscription?

In the past, some Tastecard members have encountered problems when trying to cancel their subscriptions. This is because it wasn’t easy to put in the cancellation request, as the only way you could do it back then was over the phone.

  • Why Do People Cancel Tastecard?

People are now cancelling the cards because they are not using it anymore. So they keep cancelling the orders.

Tastecard Contact Information:

For more information call on 0800 567 7241.

Reference Link:

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