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How to Pay Salem Electric Bill :

Salem Electric is a not-for-profit electric utility company. This cooperative was started in 1938. They provide reliable electric services to their consumers’ members at a very affordable cost. They service their services throughout the 17.5 square mile service territory.

How to Pay Salem Electric Bill :

You will get several payment options to make the payment for your Salem Electric bill. You can choose to follow any payment method to pay your utility bill.

Pay Salem Electric Bill via Online Method:

Through the online payment method, you can easily make the bill payment. To make the payment you must have to register for online access. To complete the registration, you have to visit the official website. If you already completed the registration, follow the steps further to make your utility bill payment:

  • You have to visit the official website of Salem Electric at www.salemelectric.com
  • Then, on the homepage, there will be the login section on the right side.
  • You have to provide your Email and Password on the respected fields.
  • After providing your log-in details, you need to select the Login button.

salem electric login

  • Then, follow the steps further to make your utility bill payment.

Pay Salem Electric Bill by One Time Payment :

Make a one-time payment for your Salem Electric bill. There is no need for registration or log in to your account. You can easily make your utility bill payment by using the account number and last name or business name. To make the payment, you have to follow these steps:

  • You need to go to this link salemelectric.smarthub.coop/PayNow.
  • Then, in the first field, input your account number.
  • You have to enter the last name or business name in the last field.
  • After providing all the details, simply select the Submit button.
  • Then, follow the steps further to make your utility bill payment.

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Pay Salem Electric Bill by SmartHub App:

You can also pay your Salem Electric bill through the SmartHub web and mobile app. Through the SmartHub app, you can easily monitor your account 24/7, manage your account, and pay your utility bill. SmartHub mobile app is available on both android and iOS platforms. If you are using an Android device, you can download the app from the Google Play Store. iOS users can download the mobile application from the Apps Store. After downloading the app, you have to log in to your account to make a payment.

Pay Salem Electric Bill by Phone:

Salem Electric allows its customers to pay their utility bills over the phone. You can make the payment right from your banking institute. You need to dial 503-362-3601 during business hours. For the automated payment system, you can have to call 503-362-3602. The automated payment system is available 24 hours a day. You just need to follow on-call instructions to make the payment. While calling on this number, keep Salem Electric’s account number and banking details handy.

Pay Salem Electric Bill in Person:

You can pay your Salem Electric bill in person. You can visit their office location at 633 7th Street NW, Salem, Oregon. The customer representative will assist you to pay your utility bill. The payment Kiosk service is available 24/7. They accept the payment in form of cash, credit card, or checks. The dropbox is located to the left of our front office entrance.

Pay Salem Electric Bill by Mail:

You can make payment for your Salem Electric bill by mail. You can send your payment in form of a money order or personal cheque. Make sure that you have enough time on your hand to make the payment. You must have to include your account number on your payment stub. You need to send your payment stub to this address below:

Salem Electric

PO Box 5588

Salem, OR 97304-0055

Pay Salem Electric Bill AutoPay:

AutoPay is a convenient payment option to pay your Salem Electric bill. It will automatically deduct the payment amount from your checking, savings, MasterCard, or Visa 10 to 14 days after you receive the billing statement. You will see the proof of your payment on your banking or credit card statement. You have three methods to register for AutoPay. You can simply log in to the SmartHub or via automated bill payment line at 503-362-3602 or visit the office location at 633 7th Street NW, Salem, Oregon. It is a very reliable payment option that gives you peace of mind knowing your bill will be paid on time.

Pay Salem Electric Bill by Average Pay:

You can make payment by Average Pay to avoid seasonal fluctuations. Your payment amount will be calculated by averaging your previous bills. To apply for Average Pay, residential customers have had continuous service for six months. To know more about this program, you have to contact the customer service department.

How the Penalty Fees Work :

There are several service fees you will be charged by Salem Electric on a monthly or one-time basis. These are the following fees that you have to pay:

  • Termination: For the termination, you have to pay 10% of the past due balance or a minimum of $10.
  • Security Deposit: For the security deposit, you will be charged an amount equal to one month’s worth of service.
  • Returned Check: If your payment check is returned by the financial institution due to insufficient balance, you have to pay returned check fees. For the returned check, you will be charged a $20 fee for returned checks.

Things to Do If You Can’t Pay the Bill :

For your financial difficulties if you cannot pay your utility bill, contact the customer service department. Salem Electric provides several payment assistance programs for customers. These are the following assistance program, you will get:

  • LIHEAP: This federal assistance program is available for low-income customers. If you meet certain income guidelines, then you can apply for this program. To know more information on the LIHEAP program, contact the local Department of Social Service, you can contact at 503-362-3601.
  • Heating Bill Assistance: If you are a qualified low-income customer, then you can apply for this program. They assist from January to April.
  • Payment Arrangement: Any eligible customer can apply for the payment arrangement. You have to contact the customer service department for the payment arrangement.

Salem Electric Contact Info :

In case, you need any assistance to pay your Salem Electric bill, you can contact the customer service department. The customer service department is available at:

24 Hour Emergency Phone: 503-362-3601

Office: 503-362-3601

Automated Payment Line: 503-362-3602

Fax: 503-371-2956

Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday –Thursday

Office Address: 633 7th Street NW, Salem, Oregon

Mailing Address: PO Box 5588, Salem, Oregon, 97304-0055

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