Fallout New Vegas Trends on Twitter After Bethesda Fans Make the Toughest Decision Ever

It is Saturday evening, and Fallout New Vegas is trending on Twitter, and it is as a result of right this moment, digital retailer GOG, introduced Bethesda followers with the hardest resolution ever. Taking to Twitter, the official account for the retailer requested followers if they might solely maintain one of many following 4 video games, which wouldn’t it be: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, or The Elder Scrolls Oblivion? And as you’d anticipate, this erupted a debate over the 4 basic RPGs, regardless of the reply (Oblivion) being apparent.

In flip, this was sufficient to get Fallout New Vegas to start trending on Twitter, which in flip created confusion as Fallout followers clicked on the pattern anticipating to see information of a sequel or one thing substantial. Once they did not see any of this, they began to tweet about Fallout New Vegas trending for no cause, which solely made it pattern extra, and that is how we get to this text being written.

As for the unique query, the most well-liked reply seems to be to be Fallout New Vegas, or at the least that is what the replies recommend. There’s additionally loads of shouts for Morrowind, however not many for Oblivion, and even fewer for Fallout 3.



Extra Morrowind


Fallout New Vegas


Fallout 3


Extra Fallout 3




Extra Oblivion


Truly, None of Them


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